Thursday, October 16, 2008


Overview of the HNDIT Course
The HNDIT(Higher Natinal Diploma In Information Technology) course has been formulated by the SLIATE with a view to producing the broadly needed enterprise in the field of Information Technology for both private and public sector enterprises. The IT courses that are available in the country cater only to a small privileged, affluent group of students. The purpose of the HNDIT course is to cater to a less privileged, sub urban and rural selection of the student population of the country.

Course Goals
  • To provide IT personal cater to the demands in the next millennium.
  • To provide conceptual basis fore more advanced studies in IT.
  • To provide the background for e-nation
Course Objectives
At the end of the Dipploma the student is able to,
  • Gain skills in Network Administration.
  • Function as a Data Processing Manager.
  • Widen scope of Artificial Intelligence (AI).
  • Train personals in IT skills.
  • Functions as a Software Developer.

Practical Training
In order to gain practical exposure to IT, students are placed in selected organizasion in private or government sector organizasions for six months. For that period, the trainers are attached to the IT department of that organization and National Apprentice and Industrial Training Authority (NAITA), who conducts training. Competitions of these component is essential for the award of Higher National Diploma.

Employment Opportunities
IT qualified pepole have excellent career prospects in government, semi government and in worldwide private sector organizations due to the computerisation of them. We are preparing our students to fill the large gap between the Computer Engineers and the Computer Technicians in the job market.

Our ATI is situated in Labuduwa,Galle.ATI labuduwa include very pleasant place for studies, have good lecture panel,and very facilitate computer laborateris.specially ATI labuduwa included very good Library.

HNDIT is the pioneer of IT education.